Tess is based in Stinson California. Her interests lie in portraits and figurative work, reflecting her extensive background in theatrical hair and makeup.

Tess’s dimensional work began with plastic pieces washed upon her local beach after a storm one day. She was inspired to use plastic as a color palette.

“Doing this art form has opened my eyes to the problem of plastic garbage in the ocean,” Tess says, “The problem is so huge it is almost incomprehensible. This work has changed my awareness and made me take more responsibility in the choices I make.”

But it is hard to avoid plastic, it is everywhere in our lives. The constant production of petroleum based products means there is no end of resource material for my work, and that our over use of plastic is threatening our world.”

Her work represents a reflection of ourselves. As a response to the serious threat confronted by the oceans, Tess portrays the beauty and fragility of human souls in plastic debris.

My aim is to portray beauty and humor
and to spark curiosity, conversation and awareness.

Tess Felix

Tess Felix

“Doing this art form has opened my eyes to the problem of plastic garbage in the ocean”

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