World Oceans Film

Screening Day

Welcome to our World Oceans Film Screening Day!

Designed to deliver Ocean inspiration to you!
Featuring a selection of short films and documentaries, you are invited to do a deep dive into our relationships with the ocean.

This curated list for on-demand viewing includes publicly available films as well as links for private screening and our Ocean Community Trivia Challenge for the family.

Save the June 8 date for live webinars.

Webinar Sessions

Noon to 1pm JST

Lowell Sheppard Community Activist and Navigator,  Artash Nath  Early Career Ocean Scientist,   Sze Min Ng  Audio Storyteller

5:30pm to 6:30pm  JST

Ariel Thomas Ocean scientist,   Jean- Marc Takaki, Community Activist, Filmmaker Maud Baigneres,  and others

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