Art By The Beach

Oct 16* in Katase Higashi Hama Fujisawa

One day exhibition on the beach

Art By The Beach

Held during the Fujisawa Beach Cleaning Project ‘s ICC 2022, ART BY THE BEACH is a one day XXL photo exhibition featuring images of  the works of  artists: Sayaka Ganz  ( Japan/US) , Benjamin Von Wong (Canada), Tess Felix (US) , Aurora Robson (Canada/US), Meaghan Ogilvie (Canada), Nadia Huggins (Trinidad and Tobago/St. Vincent and the Grenadines),  and Kit Nagamura ( US/Japan). 

What: One day exhibition on the beach.
When: Oct 16th * ( Oct 23 rain date)
10:00 to 3:00pm
Where: Katase Higsahi Hama
Cost: Free.  ** Online Donations welcome.
Supporters: Ocean Conservancy,  International Coastal Cleanup, Embassy of Canada, Custom Media
Hashtags: #Artbythebeach #fujisawabeachclean #icc2022 

ABOUT SEGO Initiative’s Art and Sustainability Project 

The Art & Sustainability Project is part of the public programming in the Fujisawa Beach Cleaning Project. 

The Fujisawa Beach Cleaning Project, started in 2009 by SEGO Initiative founders, Alana and Michel BONZI, has evolved into 3 key pillars:

  1. Volunteering for employees, families, and youth.
  2. Public education via citizen science, webinars, workshops and art.
  3. Reconnecting to the environment that we are trying to protect via immersive experiences such as sailing.

SEGO Initiative’s Art and Sustainability Project  includes harnessing the power of art to instill emotion, strengthen awareness and boost conservation for the marine environment.  Creating immersive experiences, the Project involves an itinerant  art exhibition with  learning sessions.  

Like the Fujisawa Beach Cleaning Project, this ART BY THE BEACH Exhibition happens thanks to donations and support from sponsors, artists and individuals. So if you would like to help us make a difference then please fill the form  below:

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