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2 Easy Ways to Support Us

Make a Donation

Donations to the general non-profit incorporated organization, SEGO Initiative, directly contribute to our ability to positively impact the ocean and the resilience of local coastal community. financial donations. Your contribution helps fund our key programs, allowing us to curate resources and develop scope required for art and public education programming, as well as school and youth projects for research and field work.

Here are 4 ways to securely make a donation:

  1. Pay by credit card
  2. By bank transfer
  3. By BTC or ETH
  4. By email

Become A SEGO Supporter

  1. SEGO Supporter Individual
    • Student 5,000 yen*
      *Currently enrolled as a student
    • Standard 30,000yen
  2. SEGO Supporter Group
    100,000 yen
  3. SEGO Supporter Special
    500,000 yen~

Benefits of being a SEGO supporter include:

Name/Logo on website, Participation in events, participation in exhibitions, participation in corporate events for SEGO Supporter Special and SEGO Supporter Group