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#CreateWaves Campaign 2022
Ocean Awareness and Activation Sessions

SEGO Initiative, a not-for-profit association dedicated to environmental causes,
is offering public webinar sessions as part of its educational programming to
raise awareness and inspire people to take action against the issues facing the
oceans and the planet.

The sessions are part of the association’s #CreateWaves Campaign in 2022.
SEGO Initiative has been leading the Fujisawa Beach Cleaning Project/Clean S.E.A.
The Project started in 2009 with corporate, family and student volunteers participating. SEGO

The Project includes three pillars:

  • Volunteering with the participation of corporate, family and student volunteers
  • Public education via citizen science and art
  • Reconnecting to the marine environment that weare trying to protect via sailing

#CreateWaves Campaign involves 3 phases:

  • Ocean Community Days Challenge in Spring
  • Waves of Change
  • Create Waves/ Create Change throughout the year

Due to COVID-19, the association will again lead #TogetherApart ICC cleanups in spring. Volunteers join together to clean close to where they live, work, and play during a dedicated cleanup season, and when possible do in person cleanups in Fujisawa.

As always, all beach debris will be counted and results aggregated so that participants can know how much they have intercepted from the waste stream that inevitably leads to our oceans.
Our programming only happens with the generous support of our corporate sponsors. But we do need your help. As we develop our #CreateWaves programming this year, we would be more than happy to welcome new supporters!

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