Born in Yokohama, Sayaka has lived in Japan, Brazil and Hong Kong. Now based in the US, Sayaka uses reclaimed metal and plastic objects for her recent sculptures of animals in motion with rich colors and energy. She describes her style as “3D impressionism”, creating an illusion of solid form using plastic objects as brush strokes that become visible upon observation from close proximity.

Her recent commissions include a series of marine life sculptures for the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California and a permanent installation of an underwater scene featuring whales and turtles in the lobby of Cimer Spa at the Paradise Resort in Incheon, Korea.

”One of the important tasks for artists of our time is to bring more of the natural world back into people’s lives, especially in urban areas. When we encounter the true wonders of nature, the beauty we behold transcends our intellects and reaches directly to our hearts. I desire a similar response from viewers of my work; to provoke a re-examination of our relationship to the natural world.”

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