Von Wong

Benjamin is an epic viral photographer and artist who is focused on raising awareness around social impact issues and making them unforgettable.

Originally from Canada, Benjamin collaborates with volunteers and artists all around the world to design, create and photograph large installations made from discarded materials. His hope is to invite everyone to rethink their relationship with the stuff they use, especially single-use plastic.

He has worked with corporations like Dell, Nike and Starbucks and his photos have been exhibited in the United Nations Environment Programme General Assembly.

His Mermaids Hate Plastic series was a way in which to highlight how recycling might not be enough. The 10,000 bottles used in his work represent just 10 seconds of bottle usage here in Japan. The series has gathered over 30 million views online and continues to encourage people to re-think and re-use.

How I made plastic pollution more shareable with a Mermaid and 10000 plastic bottles

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