Canadian environmentally conscious artist, Aurora Robson was raised in Hawaii and currently lives in the US. She explores plastic debris as viable art material. Using common household products like plastic bottles and caps as well as larger industrial plastic waste items like barrels and drums, as well as junk mail and excess packaging, Robson creates sculpture, collages, mixed media paintings and large installations.

Aurora is also the founder of the Project Vortex, an international collective of artists, architects and designers also working in innovative ways with plastic debris. She co-creates works with communities and has developed an open source art education course focused on creative stewardship. The goal of the course is to look at debris with different eyes to create art; thus intercepting the waste stream and repurposing plastic pollution.

We think of plastic as disposable when it is precisely the opposite, so I extract it from its problematic destructive fate and utilize its potential to become a source for enjoyable reflection. It is a process of rescuing, de-contextualizing and romancing.

Aurora Robson

Aurora Robson

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